Agape Myanmar Mission

Where is Myanmar?

Myanmar also known as Burma borders Bangladesh, India, China, Laos, and Thailand.

Our Mission 

& Vision

To give the Myanmar/Burmese People a New Hope and a New Life in Jesus Christ by using Holistic Ministry: Education, Literature, Development and Outreach Projects, Training for Trainers, and Planting Churches. 

What are the 2 greatest needs in Myanmar today?


This situation continues today. As of 4 March 2024, it is estimated that the number of IDP - Internally Displaced Persons within Myanmar is 2,788,400. This situation has only increased. Myanmar: Emergency Regional Update | Global Focus 2024( 

In 2023 according to the United Nations, the initial estimate of reported IDP - Internally Displaced Persons within Myanmar was 1,545,000 people. Myanmar Emergency Regional Update Jan 2023


According to World Atlas, Buddhism is the dominant religion at 89%. Christianity is at 6.2% and Islam at 4.3% and both have been growing. Religious Belief in Burma, Census 2014

The Myanmar/Burmese people that have been displaced, and those that are in villages are open to hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Christians in Myanmar are open to training to take an active leadership role in their local area to reach others with God's love and fulfill The Great Commission. 

What we do

How Can I Help?

Outreach Projects 2024

In order to meet both Humanitarian and Spiritual needs of the Myanmar/Burmese people we seek to act on the opportunity to use various strategies of Outreach Projects.


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Are You Interested in Changing Lives?  

Our Mission and Outreach Projects are made possible with your support. 

Pastor Silas Helping and Sharing the Gospel, Teaching and Training Leaders in Myanmar and reaching the Myanmar/Burmese Migrants in San Diego, California.

Let's Fulfill The Great Commission. 

Matthew 28:18-20

More than 50 Million Myanmar/Burmese people are still waiting for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.